Saturday, September 8, 2012

Teacher's Day

Thought of this on 5th Sept - teacher's day - but did not get round to writing it -so here goes......
Teacher's day .. should I not record my gratitude to all who played a role in teaching me... the first thoughts were the obvious ones..the ones that are officially called a teacher ... so it was vague memories of the dedicated nuns in Mount Carmel Convent Rourkela, its so sad I do not remember their names .

 Then the same apostalic Carmel sisters of Providence Women's College at Calicut . I still remember Sr Ambrosia head of Zoology dept. , the Zoology  lecturers Ms Jayashree, Ms Bibi, Ms Maya who taught English etc.

I was one of those "Good"students thanks to the interest these teacher's instilled in me. Should have pursued specialisation in Zoology that was where my interest lay. But those were impressionable age somehow got side tracked into doing my MBA at CUSAT. I do not think the course really inspired me though there were good teachers there too, Dr Pylee, Prog Parameswaran etc but except for the closeness to the batch mates with whom I keep in touch with, the institute does not draw on my heartstrings as  does the MCC and PWC.
Wonder why?

Once that obvious list of teachers are recollected , I realise that probably a host of teachers post formal education actually played a far more influencing role in my life.

There were the various bosses in the three organisations I worked in Apollo Tyres, National Dairy Development Board and Ashok Leyland. From some I learnt how Leaders should  be from others how not to be. Both categories play an important role and I believe they come into ones life with a specific purpose .
If I were to name just one it would undoubtedly be Dr Amrita Patel currently Chairman NDDB,who was and remained my role model all through my professional life.

The participants of various workshops I conducted , though I was the teacher there, yet  numerous lessons I have learnt from them on the floor of the workshop, from their questions , from their responses, from their life experiences.

There have been  the various family members and friends, each person has been a teacher. Whether I enjoyed the relationship at that point in time or not, in retrospect I believe they came into my life as there were lessons about life that still had to be learnt. Even if the lesson was painful it was important for me to learn that lesson.

The authors of the various books I have read , being an avid reader I cannot name all of them, but their thoughts have moulded me as a person.

Then there was that on the spur of the moment walking into Anna University to listen to a talk by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Never been to any such talks before , never heard of Sadhguru JV , just saw a poster as I stepped out of office. Anna Univ. was en route to office so stepped in to listen and was drawn into ISHA .
That was an important changing point in life. Rather late in life, but that's when I started having a true perspective of life.

Last but not the least my parents, how could anyone not be influenced by those in whose care one took those first few baby steps in life!

On Teacher's Day specially and on all other days too my deepest gratitude for the role you played in my life.
Thank you for the lessons you have taught me, sometimes I have been a poor student sometimes good. Even in those situations were I was slow to learn, later in life I have realised the significance of those lessons .

Thank you all.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ashtami Rohini


Onam festival

Not being much of a cook my contribution to ONAM festival stops with the pookalam, these are day 1 and day 10 pookalams

This one was at office some years back
Last years day 10

Saturday, July 28, 2012

you 'll see it when you believe it

"'Observe a tree and contemplate the intelligence within or behind that tree that allows it to function perfectly in form .The leaves come and go, the sap drips out, it flowers when it is supposed to .It is much more than simple form . It contains a life force that makes it alive . We cannot see that life force , but it is very real."

These words of Wayne Dyer is what comes to my mind as I sit in my balcony and watch this Gulmohar tree I planted 8 years back. It's in full bloom this year . It did not bloom for 6 years, last year I actually stood in the balcony and talked to it , anyone watching would have thought I am mad ( Probably I am :) ). I kept pleading with it to bloom , goading it saying so many other gulmohars in town were blooming profusely and here was one big tree, which I planted,watered, put manure, talked to and not a flower! The very next couple of days, a few buds appeared and the week after the first sign of at least a dozen flowers. This year as you can see it's in  full bloom.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

31 st March 2012

I have been mentally preparing myself for this for the last one year.Slowly letting myself let go of the need to be involved too much in the activities in the office.It was not easy but I knew I had to do it, if I did not want to get into deep pit of depression like last time - when I left my previous job without another job on hand.

Despite that I broke up on that last day...the day on which I retired.

The first month was bad, took its toll on me. Have now reconciled to it to a large extent.Still have not picked up the courage to go one day to office and just say hello to colleagues..worried I'll start missing office once again.

The logical part of the mind tells me I am being ridiculous but the heart is not too strong.Have started doing freelance training once in a way that seems to be helping. But I am conscious that I should not make that another career and then go through the same trauma when that too has to be stopped.

Looks like i need to go back to my practice of yoga to bring some balance to my life.

satyamev jayate

The episode on senior citizens I could not watch till the end. I will download and watch one of these days. Just could not go beyond the story of the mother staying in a home for elders, where her son left her before going to the US.. her belongings in a suitcase refusing to unpack as she expects the son to come back any time to fetch her..she has been waiting for three years....just don't want to believe there are sons and daughters like that........